Coronavirus in schools – what can I do?

Schools staff have joined UNISON in record numbers in recent weeks, understanding the importance of coming together to make classrooms safe in these trying times.

The resources on this page are intended to help you and your colleagues through any issues you have.

UNISON’s latest advice on the constantly changing government advice can be found here, while there is special advice for schools and early years staff here.

We do not wish to duplicate anything on there so suggest you have a read through before raising your issues as you may find an answer on there.

We hope you will be able to use the below resources to raise issues with your managers and get them sorted quickly. Please copy in your UNISON branch so we can help follow this up if necessary.

The examples in these templates are not exhaustive and are for you to adapt as necessary. Please try to give examples wherever possible and suggest what your preferred solution or outcome would be so your employer will know what remedy you are looking for.

It is likely that any issue you are experiencing at work is affecting your colleagues too. Talk to your coworkers about taking on the issue together and sending one email from all of you. If some of your colleagues aren’t yet in UNISON tell them why it’s important you work collectively to improve things.

If for any reason you do not feel able to make this initial enquiry yourself then please contact UNISON with the information that you would like us to raise – with examples and your desired outcome. The more background work that you our members can do the quicker we are likely to get the situation resolved for you.

National advice