ERA Recertification (two-week course from 13/10)

12 October 2020 11:00pm

Every five years UNISON expects our reps to participate in a course to learn about the new requirements, processes, legal changes and organising initiatives from across the union.

Why take it?

This is an opportunity for you to step outside of your current practice and reflect on what works for you as a UNISON rep and what you find to be the more challenging parts of the role.

You will need to be able to commit to attending course sessions as detailed below – if you are unable to commit to all dates you should not register as there is a cost implication for UNISON if people drop out once the course has started. If you would like to know what alternative courses are available please contact the regional Education team at


What days will the ERA course run?

Date Week Tuesday Friday
13/10/2020 Week 1 Tutorial 1 Teams meeting Whole class 11-1pm
16/10/2020 Week 1 Tutorial 2 Teams meeting Whole class 11-1pm
20/10/2020 Week 2 Tutorial 1 Teams meeting Whole class 11-1pm
23/10/2020 Week 2 Tutorial 2 Teams meeting Whole class 11-1pm


The course is designed for you to discover new initiatives, share your experiences with other reps and to plan for how we build a strong union which can withstand the pressures put upon us in these tough times.

You will complete four days of training over two weeks.

Course aims:

  • To update you on new developments internally and externally which impact upon your role as a UNISON rep,
  • To inform you on changes in the legislative and legal framework which affect our role in representation and organising at local level,
  • To share our skills and experience to further develop our approach as UNISON reps,
  • To explore how we build the strength of UNISON in a changing industrial relations environment,
  • To consider how to utilise your skills and experience to encourage and mentor new UNISON reps,
  • To plan more personal development opportunities in your role as a UNISON rep.

There are 4 modules of 90 minutes duration covering:

  1. Changing landscape – Covid-19 situation, latest bargaining and negotiating guidelines;
  2. Changes in employment law and representing members (including online);
  3. Increasing activism in the workplace;
  4. What’s next?

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