Fighting for justice for Colombia!

22 February 2021 5:00pm

UNISON Eastern’s international committee welcomes Justice for Colombia’s Nick MacWilliam to explain what’s happening in the country and show how we can show solidarity with Colombian trade unionists.

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Despite Colombia’s 2016 peace agreement which brought hope to millions of people, the country faces a human rights crisis that has seen hundreds of social activists and former Farc guerrillas in the killed since the agreement was signed.

It is still the world’s most dangerous country for trade unionists, as right-wing politicians stigmatise and incite violence against those who stand up for their labour rights.

But millions of Colombians continue to struggle for peace and social justice, with international solidarity playing a vital role in striving for a fairer society for all.

Justice for Colombia was set up in 2002 by the British trade union movement to support Colombian civil society in its struggle for human rights, labour rights, peace and social justice.

Its work is carried out in close dialogue with political activists, trade unionists, peasant organisations, human rights defenders and other social organisations on the front line in demanding peace and social justice.

JfC promotes links of solidarity between British and Irish trade unions and organisations in Colombia, while also campaigning in the British, Irish and EU Parliaments.

Justice for Colombia trade union and programme officer Nick MacWilliam will give a comprehensive update on the country.

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