International Women’s Day: Black women in UNISON

6 – 8 March 2020

Holiday Inn, Eight Ash Green, Colchester, CO6 3QL

You’re invited to this weekend event designed for Black Women in UNISON Eastern.

About the weekend

This event has been designed especially for Black Women in UNISON and will be facilitated by Angela Ishmael, an expert in diversity matters.

The Eastern Region Women’s Committee recognises that Black Women make up a relatively low proportion of UNISON activists and is looking to take positive steps to encourage and inspire Black Women members to get more involved.

Delegates may arrive for an evening meal on Friday 6 March at 6pm, and the programme will begin on Saturday 7 March at 9.30am, finishing on Sunday 8 March at 1.30pm.

The cost to attend the event will be £100 per person for one night or £150 for two nights, which your branch will need to fund. Your branch will also need to cover travel and childcare expenses.