March To Save Our NHS Bursary

9 January 2016 12:00pm–3:00pm

St Thomas' Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, London, United Kingdom

Newly qualified healthcare workers could find themselves starting work with a debt of over £51,000 if the government’s proposals to charge the way NHS student training is funded go ahead. At the moment student nurses, midwives and physiotherapists are not charged fees and receive a small bursary in recognition of the work they carry out during their training placements. Under plans announced by chancellor George Osborne the bursary will be scrapped and they will have to pay university fees from 2017. UNISON believes that the introduction of fees will put many people off the idea of entering the healthcare professions.
A demonstration against the government’s plans will be held on Saturday 9 January 2016 before the House of Commons debates the issue the following Monday afternoon.
Find out more about the campaign here.