Summer School: Menopause in the workplace

12 – 14 August 2019

Cambridge Professional Development Centre, CB2 9NL

During this year’s Activist Summer School we have a brand new for UNISON course designed to increase awareness of the menopause in the workplace, to look at why this is a trade union issue and what legislation, policy and practice can support women going through the menopause.


It will help develop skills to start the conversation with members, their branch and employers and prepare for negotiations around a menopause policy. It has been adapted from the Wales TUC materials developed in response to a survey they carried out with the Women’s Equality Network and uses their brilliant Toolkit resource.

The course aims to:

  • Create awareness of the menopause in the workplace and the symptoms women can experience,
  • Help UNISON Reps consider various workplace factors that may negatively impact on workers experiencing the menopause,
  • Consider practices and environments within the workplace that may put the health and safety of menopausal women* at risk and/or may be considered discrimination against workers experiencing the menopause,
  • Consider best practice for workplace and unions to tackle the workplace issues facing workers experiencing the menopause,
  • Develop skills to start the conversation about menopause in the workplace, negotiate on policy and speak to your branch/employer.

Please note that while this course information email refers to ‘menopausal women,’ the principles equally apply to trans workers with menopausal symptoms.