Summer School – Organising Stewards

14 – 18 August 2017

Cambridge Professional Development Centre

Summer School - Organising Stewards

Organising Stewards

Who is it for?

This 5 day Organising Stewards course is the essential course for stewards who are either newly appointed, or who have been stewards for a little while and have never attended a Stewards course.

What will it be about?

This course aims to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence to enable you to carry out the role of a steward in UNISON, including to

  • understand the role of an organising union in public services
  • recognise the importance of equalities in UNISON
  • work with members to tackle issues in the workplace
  • work with members in resolving cases
  • know where and when to seek advice and guidance
  • understand how procedures work in practice
  • handle grievance and disciplinary and similar types of cases as the representative of UNISON members within your workplace
  • be certified as competent to accompany members at a disciplinary and grievance hearing in order to comply with Employment Relations Act 1999
  • understand the broader roles in which UNISON operates, including internationally