We’re here to help you get back to school safely

We’re all glad to see pupils back in classrooms, but it’s important the return is safe for staff, pupils, parents and the wider community.

We know that many school support staff have been worried about facing the new school term.

The government produced guidance in July, but we don’t believe it goes far enough to keep you safe. We’ve produced our own materials for staff to use to push for higher safety standards.

UNISON schools page

But it’s clear that active trade unions are the best way to ensure schools are safe.

We can set up an informal online chat with you and your colleagues about the issues in your workplace. Just get in touch with us below and let us know.

The best way we can make schools safe is having active stewards and health and safety reps looking out for their colleagues. If you feel like you could be a stronger voice in your workplace, let us know below.

We’ll give you all the training you need to talk to your workmates about their issues, identify health and safety issues and work with managers to resolve the issues that rise at work.

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