Are you struggling to make ends meet?

BBC2 has commissioned a documentary on the impact of austerity on ‘just about managing’ households. They want to interview people currently working (or who were until recently) and have been hit hard by pay freezes/caps.

The programme is being made by Keo Films. It’s a major project filmed sympathetically from the viewpoint of the individuals/families who take part. The production team have assured us it will be nothing like TV shows such as Benefits Street or Skint, criticised for their negative portrayal of struggling families.

Keo Films recently won a BAFTA for Exodus: Our Journey to Europe, a documentary that followed those fleeing war zones. Now it plans to focus on the struggles of working people across the UK.

Filming takes place between now and the end of 2018.

If you think you might like to take part (or know someone who might), please contact Charlotte, Fatima or Joe in UNISON’s media team. Either email your details to or call 0207 121 5466.

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