Dacorum dirty jobs strike set to escalate

Come and support the lobby of councillors on Wednesday 18 April

Workers at Dacorum Council in Hertfordshire are in dispute with their employer and are set to ramp up the pressure with more strikes in the coming weeks if the employer doesn’t give way.

Last year the Tory controlled council ditched long standing agreements with the unions (UNISON & UNITE) on the level of redundancy compensation. And while the council claimed it was a technical change to bring them in line with the sector norm, the depot workers quickly worked out the real agenda; after all, sacking workers on the cheap is hardly a new or novel idea.

The new scheme impacts adversely on the low paid, the very people who are least able to take the financial hit if their jobs are lost. The people who, day-in-day-out, in all weather conditions, work hard to make a positive contribution to local communities.

A one day strike in March placed the employer on notice that the workers mean business and are unwilling to sit down and do nothing while their hard won agreements are ripped up and discarded. But despite offers to go to ACAS the employer is still refusing to talk.

A meeting of the full Council is due to take place tomorrow night at The Forum, the headquarters of the Council, starting at 7pm. The workers will assemble a lobby outside of the building at 6.30pm, before joining the meeting in the public gallery.

We are looking for support from fellow trade unionists and activists in the movement who can come along in solidarity.  Bring your banners, all are welcome.

The Forum, Dacorum Borough Council, Marlowes, Hemel Hempstead HP1 1DN

You can also show your support by signing our petition.