UNISON takes the heat off

As the mercuries rise again many of us will be struggling to work through the heat.

But, wherever health and safety is a concern, workers can sort them out through their unions.

Staff at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital are reaping the rewards of this, thanks to new hot weather measures agreed with UNISON and other NHS unions during June’s heatwave.

Uniform rules were relaxed, lightweight scrubs made available, reflective film put on windows to stop heat building up, more water points and personal water bottles made available and line managers were encouraged to allow staff more breaks.

Branch secretary Andy Campling told staff: “We at UNISON welcome these initiatives and we will continue working in partnership with Trust management to help all our members.”

As well as pushing managers to do the right thing, UNISON activists have been helping NHS staff survive the hot weather in other ways.

During the height of the pandemic, the Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust branch bought water bottles for staff on Covid-19 wards in their mental health trust so they could stay properly hydrated while taking a break from full PPE.

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