Celebrate International Youth Day by joining UNISON!

12 August is International Youth Day, the day the UN has picked to encourage young people to get involved in the world around them and shape the things that affect their lives.

There’s not much that affects your life more than how things are at work, whether it’s low pay, long hours, unrealistic workloads, bullying managers or any other problems you might face.

But there’s also a simple way to challenge those problems – join your union, get active, encourage your workmates and challenge what’s going on!

UNISON’s young workers committee is there to support under-27s and give them a voice in the trade union movement.

With the battering that young people have taken throughout the pandemic, that voice is more important than ever.

Here’s Steph, a young members officer in Hertfordshire, explaining how she got involved and why you should too.

Do you want to get involved?

Contact us to find more about UNISON Eastern’s young workers group.