‘We have come so far, so please let us stand together as we honour Black history’

To mark Black History Month, we invited one of our reps in Hertfordshire to say a few words about what it means to be Black in the UK today.

My name is Rita Sarpong.

I am a Black lady who was born in Ghana on June 1978. I traveled to the UK in 2003 to pursue my dream.

I have three children and we were living together with my partner, but unfortunately he passed away in 2018.

I did different kinds of jobs but my dream job was to become a carer. I’ve been a carer for four years and I’ve got the passion to look after the residents and my fellow workers as a UNISON rep.

Black History Month is so important to me and all the Black people in the world.

Honestly, having your freedom and independence is a great thing to achieve.

Black African and Caribbean people have had a great impact in the UK.

The Black History Month celebration started in 1926 in the USA, and we have been celebrating it ever since.

We have come so far, so please let us stand together as we honour Black history.

Let’s all commend Black people during the pandemic:

  • Black people in care centres
  • Black people in the NHS
  • Black people in Parliament
  • Black people on the defence line
  • Black people in education
  • And Black people in trade unions — especially UNISON.

Let’s celebrate our forefathers and remember the words which they once said: “We shall overcome someday and together we will overcome one day.”

So please let’s take this opportunity to celebrate Black History Month and celebrate our children and grandchildrens’ future.

Together let’s celebrate Black history.

Thank you.