It takes a whole team to run the NHS

When most people think of the NHS they normally picture doctors and nurses, but it takes a whole team to keep our health service ticking over.

Porters, cleaners, admin staff and many, many more all play an absolutely vital role in the NHS.

That’s why we celebrate One Team Day on 25 November.

Normally this means holding stalls, gathering together for tea, cakes and photos or a myriad of other events but with the pandemic still in full swing, celebrations are moving online.

Branches are being encouraged to do what they can to show our members in the NHS support team that UNISON is proud of them – even if the government wants to sow false divisions between the ‘front line’ and ‘back office’ staff.

Check out UNISON’s national website for ways you can take part.

One Team

Want a taste of the great work NHS support staff do? Here’s some of the staff from one Cambridgeshire hospital talking about their jobs.

Alison, kitchen team leader

Everyone thinks that doctors and nurses make you better in a hospital, but our award-winning food also helps fuel patients’ recovery. Every person in the hospital plays their part in helping the patients getting better.

Nick, hospital porter

As a porter we go all over the hospital. In the corridors we can’t go down a single one of them without greeting some or smiling and nodding. It’s little things like this that make a team mentality and a friendlier hospital.

Mariea, bowel cancer screening administrator

I have been in admin within the NHS for over 12 years. We are here to provide patients and staff with help and support where needed. Some of us are face-to-face with patients, some are telephone calls, but whichever we do we are always here to help, listen and support patients to make them feel at ease and safe.

Alex, food service assistant

I’ve worked in the NHS 8 years. The people in my team might have changed, over that time, but our spirt and our goal hasn’t: to make sure the patients have the best food while they are getting better.

Ali, porter

Being a porter in the hospital, people think you just move around stuff. Actually, more often than not we are moving around people. Not only are we taking them to where they need to be but we are talking to them, calming them down and making them laugh.