Norfolk and Norwich Hospital chiefs must act after staff survey reveals mass discontent

The NHS Staff Survey was published today, putting the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital bottom of the league for quality or care and revealing huge levels of staff disengagement.

UNISON Norfolk & Norwich Acute Hospitals branch secretary Andy Campling said:

“This survey must act as a wake-up call across the trust. Staff have spoken in huge numbers – the highest participation rate we’ve ever had – to say they’re not happy with how things are going.

“We’ve worked hard with the trust on all sorts of policies and initiatives to make the N&N a better place to work. It’s clear these aren’t making their way down to the shop floor.

“Covid has been a major upheaval for all of us, but it’s not the only story.

“At the Norfolk and Norwich many staff are saying low-level bullying is common and ultimately impacts on their ability to provide quality care for patients..

“Trust bosses need to sort this out as well as pressing government ministers to deliver more than an insulting 1% pay rise to NHS staff who have worked through hell in the last year.”

Health unions are urging the public to show support for NHS staff with a slow hand clap demonstrating their displeasure at government proposals for a 1% pay rise this evening at 8pm.

UNISON is calling on the government to give all NHS workers a pay rise of at least £2,000.