Essex councillors to vote on social care pledge

UNISON Eastern is urging councillors in Essex to back a Labour motion on improving care workers’ conditions.

The motion, echoing a pledge UNISON asked council candidates to sign before the last local elections, would commit the council to paying the living wage and occupational sick pay to care workers.

We urge anyone in Essex who values social care staff to write to their councillor using the tool below, urging them to vote for the motion.

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Full text of the motion

This council recognises the fantastic work of carers across the county, and the important role they played during the pandemic working on the frontline.  This council also recognises that most care workers earn below the living wage despite the vital role they perform.

Therefore this council, regarding care workers, resolves to

  • Pay covid-related sick pay (including whilst isolating)
  • Pay at least the real Living Wage  (currently £9.50)
  • Pay occupational sick pay