UNISON condemns ‘insulting’ anti-vaxxer stunt at Colchester Hospital

A group of anti-vaccination activists barged into Colchester Hospital in Essex on Wednesday, claiming they were serving legal papers on the trust and staff.

Online videos show the leader of the mob handing bewildered staff brown envelopes he claimed contained proof that the whole pandemic if a fake and cites staff for breaching the Nuremberg Code, a set of rules set up following the holocaust.

He added that the pope, as head of all UK businesses, had stripped NHS staff of their individual defence they were just following orders.

UNISON Eastern head of health Sasha Savage said: “Bursting into hospitals to accuse NHS staff of breaching the Nuremberg Code and claim Covid is a hoax would be laughable if it wasn’t so deeply insulting.

“NHS workers know better than anyone the appalling effects of the pandemic. They’ve seen patients, colleagues and friends die at the hands of this deadly virus.

“Stress levels are through the roof as they struggle to cope with Covid and its effects on other services. The last thing NHS staff now need is to be harassed by a gang of self-styled activists comparing them to Nazis for doing their vital jobs protecting us all.

“We hope the NHS and police will do everything they can to protect staff from this appalling treatment.”