Probation pay update – two hour strike on 14 July

UNISON will be calling all NPS and CRC members to take a two hour strike on Tuesday 14 July from 08.00 to 10.00 in support of the campaign for fair pay for all probation workers.

All members are asked to observe the strike by not reporting for work until 10am on 14 July.

Members in NPS and the CRCs who are contractually due to start work before 8am on 14 July, for example members working in approved premises or community payback, are asked to walk out at 08.00 and return to work at 10.00 to complete your hours for the day.

All other members are asked to report for work at 10.00 on 14 July.

Members are invited to join picket lines at NPS and CRC offices to support the action.

Why are we going on strike?

UNISON’s Probation Committee had agreed to suspend the strike previously called for Thursday 11 June, and the employers agreed to extend the period in which UNISON could call strike action by 28 days, in order to allow further talks to take place to seek to resolve the 2014 pay dispute.

These talks have been taking place with the assistance of ACAS, the Government’s Arbitration, Conciliation and Advisory Service, but have not yet concluded. UNISON remains hopeful that these negotiations will produce a settlement to the dispute, but we are required by law to call industrial action before the expiry of the 28 day extension granted by the employers. This is why we are calling a two hour strike on 14 July.

The ACAS talks have already had the positive effect of getting the CRCs to confirm that they are going to pay the one-off payments to staff at the top of their pay bands. This was previously in doubt.

Further details of the strike on 14 July will be issued shortly. Please speak with your local UNISON representative or branch to find out more.

What’s next?

Once we have initiated this first strike we will be able to call further strike action, or action short of strike action, as necessary.