New resource centre for UNISON members opens in King’s Lynn

A new UNISON resource centre in the grounds of the Queen Elziabeth Hospital in  King’s Lynn was opened on Monday (12 December) by general secretary Dave Prentis.

Known as the Inspire Centre, it is largely funded by local UNISON branches but is based in a hospital-owned building, reflecting the positive working relationship between the local health branch and the hospital Trust. It is designed to be a one-stop-shop for UNISON members in west Norfolk who can get first line advice and support for any work-related problems they have, as well as access to training and development through courses and events that will be run there. The offices have been refurbished to a high standard and will also offer hot-desking for the union’s members and activists, with internet access and video conferencing.

Dave Prentis said “This is the way forward for UNISON. We are opening centres like this all around the country. We’ve got to get our resources to where members are, so if they have a problem thay need to talk about or want training they can come to a UNISON centre like this.

“This is a real step forward for us and it’s the way we will go over the next five to 10 years. By having more UNISON resources in local communities we will become part of that community and be the union that people will want to join”.

Dave and Darren with UNISON members at the opening of the Inspire Centre

Dave and Darren with UNISON members at the opening of the Inspire Centre










Darren Barber, secretary of the QEH branch said: “This centre is the way forward for supporting our members in West Norfolk. As public sector work becomes more and more outsourced, and members lose touch with traditional union organisation, we need somewhere they can come to access the union’s services. I am very pleased that our excellent relationship with the Trust has made this centre possible”.

You can read Dave Prentis’s blog on his visit to King’s Lynn on the national website