Burman House: local MP ‘concerned’ about closure

South West Norfolk MP Liz Truss has expressed her “concern” about the planned closure of Burman House care home near King’s Lynn.

The Tory MP was responding to UNISON’s campaign to keep the home, consistently rated Good by Care Quality Commission inspectors, open to the people of Norfolk.

Ms Truss (pictured) said: “I am extremely concerned to read about the closure of Burman House. I have raised a number of points with the managing director of Norse Care.

“I have asked Norse Care to outline the number of spare beds available in the local area in a care home of equal standard to accommodate residents if Burman does close. I have also urged Norse Care to fully take board the comments made by staff, residents and their families – I am keen to ensure they are fully consulted.

UNISON welcomed her response but regional organiser Paul Farley raised concerns that she had ignored the root cause of the closure threat: the decision to cut Norse Care’s funding by the Tories on Norfolk County Council and the Conservative government at Westminster.

“If Norfolk County Council cuts Norse Care’s budget, it is all but forcing them to close homes,” Mr Farley said.

“And in turn the county council’s decision to further squeeze funding can be traced straight back to London, where the Tories are refusing to abandon their failed austerity policies despite the misery they cause.

“Neither the 27 residents at Burman House nor the dedicated staff that support them should have to pay the price for this ideological assault on our public services.”

Mr Farley said that the planned closure was a political decision lying outside the power of Norse Care or its managing director.

Join the campaign to keep Burman House open: sign the petition here.