UNISON comment on public sector pay

UNISON regional secretary Glyn Hawker said: “Low-paid nurses and teaching assistants are again looking at 1% pay rises that are tiny compared to headline-grabbing increases for senior staff in both the public and private sectors. The culture of rewarding those at the top while the wages of other staff are allowed to stagnate is unfair and divisive. UNISON wants to see all workers fairly paid for the valuable contributions they make to providing public services.

“Senior managers across NHS trusts and councils make life-changing decisions affecting ordinary people on a day-to-day basis. They look after multi-million pound budgets, leading complex organisations delivering essential services to their communities, and it is right that their pay reflects the huge responsibilities they hold.

“Whilst their pay may seem high, they do not compare to the true fat-cat salaries of bosses in private companies and public sector contractors, who award themselves multi-million pound salaries and bonuses, irrespective of company performance.”