Trade Union Act becomes law

And it looks nothing like the government’s original bill The Trade Union Act received Royal assent on 4 May but a whole raft of measures the government wanted to bring in that would have had the potential to weaken trade union organising are not in the Act. Gone are the abolition of DOCAS in the public […]

Government backs down over check-off ban

The government has announced that it will not continue with its plans to ban union members in the public sector from paying their subs by deductions from their wages. Instead check-off (also known as DOCAS) can continue where unions pay the costs incurred by employers. This follows the three defeats over the bill the government suffered in the […]

Major setbacks for the government on the Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill is now in its report stage in the Lords. We need to keep the pressure on before it returns to the Commons. UNISON members have made a huge difference already – speaking to employers, councillors, MPs, peers and government ministers to tell their stories, making compelling arguments and keeping up the […]

Trade Union Bill – where are we now?

The Trade Union Bill is now making its way through the House of Lords. As a result of the lobbying of peers a large number of amendments have been put forward for debate. As well as support from Labour peers a large number of Conservatives have also expressed their opposition to parts of the Bill, […]