Deaths in eastern England reveal true extent of NHS winter crisis

The true extent of the winter crisis affecting the NHS has become clear as it was revealed that 20 deaths might have been avoided in the East of England over Christmas. During this time there were lengthy delays in ambulances responding to 999 calls. UNISON is calling for an independent inquiry into why the East […]

UNISON condemns decision to remove patient transport contract from NHS ambulance trust and give it to a private company

26 October 2017  UNISON has condemned the appointment a private company, E-ZEC Medical, to run NHS patient transport service in Suffolk, Great Yarmouth and Waveney. The decision comes just weeks after a private ambulance company (Private Ambulance Service Ltd) operating in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire went bust leaving patients stranded and staff unpaid. The decision to […]

UNISON calls for an enquiry into the failure of patient transport services in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire

6 October 2017 UNISON has written to MPs in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire urging them to call on the government to hold an enquiry into the failures of patient transport services in the two counties. The recent collapse of Private Ambulance Service Ltd is the second time in seven months that private sector companies have failed […]

Private Ambulance Service goes into administration

We will be contacting all our affected members on Monday 2 October.  If you have any concerns please call our regional office on 01245 608942 ——————————————————————- For immediate release: 29 September 2017 18.00 One of the largest providers of private ambulance services in the Eastern region went into administration today. Private Ambulance Service Ltd, who […]

Ambulance members condemn Trust’s lack of action over excessive working hours

  Members working for the East of England Ambulance Trust have reacted with fury after the chief executive set out changes to their working conditions that he described as  ‘controversial, unpalatable and even draconian.’ Branch secretary Fraer Stevenson said the Trust had spent 10 months promising to reduce enforced overtime for ambulance crews. “We have crews […]

UNISON calls on East of England Ambulance service to honour its commitment to pay the living wage to all staff

UNISON in the East of England Ambulance Service is leading a campaign to support 22 staff who are currently earning below the living wage. Earlier this year, with the support of Chief Executive Anthony Marsh, staff in the Trust paid below the living wage had their pay uplifted under a local agreement.  The union say […]

Ambulance crews predict deaths and drug errors if excessive working hours aren’t ended

The East of England Ambulance branch have produced a shocking film exposing the dangers to staff and patients caused by ambulance crews being required to regularly work excessive hours. In the film paramedics talk about their fears of falling asleep at the wheel, making a drug error or having a road accident. Because crews are required […]

UNISON film tells of ambulance staff fear of drug errors and driving accidents caused by stress and exhaustion due to long hours

Trade union UNISON has made a film highlighting the impact of stress on front line ambulance service staff after a recent UNISON survey revealed the number one cause of stress was late finishes. In the film staff talk about falling asleep while driving, worrying about making drug errors and the fearing that they will have […]