Colchester’s bins, leisure services and crematoriums could be hit by strikes

Workers in Colchester’s bin depots, leisure centres and crematoriums are voting on strikes over the city council’s refusal to offer a decent pay rise, UNISON warns today. Colchester staff had asked for an above-inflation pay rise to make up for years of wages failing to keep pace with the rising cost of living. But the […]

Colchester Council staff deserve full local government pay rise

Hard-up Colchester Council staff should get the same pay rise as everyone else in local government, trade union UNISON says today. The call comes after UNISON members in schools and councils on nationally agreed NJC conditions voted to accept a flat-rate £1,925 backdated to April. But Colchester negotiates pay locally meaning refuse workers, those running […]

UNISON condemns ‘insulting’ anti-vaxxer stunt at Colchester Hospital

A group of anti-vaccination activists barged into Colchester Hospital in Essex on Wednesday, claiming they were serving legal papers on the trust and staff. Online videos show the leader of the mob handing bewildered staff brown envelopes he claimed contained proof that the whole pandemic if a fake and cites staff for breaching the Nuremberg […]