Norfolk County branch EU members’ film shows how Brexit will affect them and public services

The government is playing Jenga with my future and if they pull the piece I could become illegal in this country overnight International workers in the Norfolk County branch have made a short film telling the story of their fears and apprehensions following the UK’s vote to leave the EU. A branch steward, an EU […]

UNISON backs EU citizens’ right to stay

  Add your name to a letter supporting EU workers and fellow UNISON members The UNISON-supported HOPE not hate campaign is backing a call from the British Future think tank to Conservative Party leadership candidates asking them to make a clear commitment that EU migrants currently living in the UK are welcome to stay.         […]

Why UNISON supports a vote to remain in the EU

On 23 June we will take part in a referendum that will determine whether or not the UK remains in or leaves the European Union. UNISON has held a branch consultation and concluded that to leave would put our employment rights, public services and the economy at significant risk. This is not to suggest that UNISON is an uncritical supporter […]

Will you be able to vote in the EU referendum?

The referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union takes place on 23 June. It is probably one of the most important decisions that we will make as a country for many years to come. The outcome of the vote will affect not just us but our children too. But will YOU be able to […]