Five Questions for LGBT+ History Month: Peter Oates

We’re marking LGBT+ History Month by getting some of our activists to take the Five Questions challenge. Next up is Peter Oates, co-chair of the Eastern region LGBT+ committee and a health worker. Here’s what he had to say. Who are you? I am Peter, a UNISON activist in the Eastern region As a member […]

Lily Martin

Five Questions for LGBT+ History Month: Lily Martin

February is LGBT+ History Month and this year’s is extra special as it takes place in Year of LGBT+ Workers. To mark the occasion we’re speaking to some of the LGBT+ identifying activists across Eastern. Here’s health worker Lily taking the Five Questions challenge. Who are you? I’m Lily Martin (she/they) and I am a […]

Five Questions for LGBT+ History Month: Ben Edwards

Throughout LGBT+ History Month, we’re asking some of our inspirational LGBT+ activists to tell us a bit about themselves. Next up to take the Five Question challenge Norfolk County’s Ben Edwards. Here’s what he had to say. Who are you? Hello, I am Ben. I am a UNISON steward, health and safety rep, LGBT+ branch […]

Alex Montgomory

Five Questions for LGBT+ History Month: Alex Montgomery

This LGBT+ History Month is extra special as we’re also celebrating UNISON’s Year of LGBT+ Workers. To mark the occasion we’re asking some of our LGBT+ activists to take the five-question challenge. First up is NHS worker Alex Montgomery. Who are you? I’m Alex (he/him). I’m a queer, disabled transman from Eastern region. I’m also […]

UNISON Eastern launches new equality calendar

We’re proud to present our new equality calendar! The interactive calendar will help UNISON Eastern members and activists keep on top of the big events in the union as well as national and international equalities dates. The calendar will be updated regularly so check back for the latest and please get in touch if you’ve […]

A person holds trans and rainbow flags at a Pride march

Trans workers taking on prejudice with UNISON

Trans people still face a lot of discrimination in the workplace, says Tim Roberts in his latest blog. But with unions by their side, we can take on hate

Two people put their heads through a UNISON LGBT+ frame

We don’t have to be out and about to express our Pride

Tim Roberts celebrates another lockdown Pride month

By standing together we can celebrate our diversity

West Norfolk Local Government’s Fabia Pollard looks forward to marking Pride this year, even if it won’t be on the streets

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