‘Our work is more crucial now than ever’ – social workers on the front line against coronavirus

Social workers are an essential, if often overlooked, part of the health service. Tasked with making sure people have a safe place and enough support once they leave hospital, the pressure is on as health trusts try to keep every bed possible available for Covid-19. UNISON Eastern spoke to Jess Carrington, a hospital social worker […]

‘Yes I’m on the front lines, but I don’t see myself as a keyworker’

If you’ve been driving to work through the Essex countryside, reassured that even in these uncertain times, the roadsides still look prim and proper, you could have Richard Bond to thank. He’s a idverde worker, driving a mower on the country routes in Colchester Borough, working with his team on the front line through Covid-19, as normal […]

Keeping up appearances – the public service champion looking after Ipswich’s green spaces

For millions of us, the coronavirus has turned life and work upside down. But many key workers are keeping going as normal, keeping the country ticking over while most of us stay indoors. Adrian Gale is one of the army of local service workers keeping the job up as normal — albeit at a bit more of a distance to usual. He’s spent the […]