Victory! Suffolk County Council sees sense on unpaid leave

UNISON welcomes Suffolk County Council’s decision to abandon its push to make staff take unpaid leave. It comes after 95% of UNISON members rejected the plans in a consultation. UNISON members will now vote on a revised offer implementing the second year of a two-year national pay deal for local government workers and allowing staff […]

Suffolk County Council must ditch unpopular pay cut

Suffolk County Council must abandon its bid to cut staff pay through mandatory unpaid leave, UNISON says today after its members at the Council overwhelmingly voted against the plan. The Council says it will implement the second year of a nationally agreed two-year pay deal, but in return staff must take one day of mandatory unpaid […]

Suffolk County Council ‘pushed onto the back foot’ over unpaid leave plan, says UNISON

Suffolk County Council has been “pushed onto the back foot,” UNISON says today after the Council toned down its plans to cut staff wages by making workers take unpaid leave. The Council – which proposed in November to make staff take two days of unpaid leave for each of the next two years, taking the […]

Suffolk Council tries to dress cash grab up as a pay rise

Suffolk County Council wants to pick the pockets of its staff and tell them they’re getting a pay rise, UNISON warns today. Suffolk County Council announced today potential changes to terms and conditions to staff contracts, including forcing staff to take two days of unpaid leave for the next two years. The council is currently […]