Suffolk County Council hasn’t listened to children’s centre staff

Despite months of campaigning by Suffolk children’s centre staff, the county council’s cabinet today voted through its closure programme. It has approved cuts to services at 21 of the remaining 38 centres. Eleven would have their hours cut while the other 10 will shut completely. A service redesign was first suggested last year but shelved […]

Ask your councillor to save Suffolk’s children’s centres

Suffolk’s children’s centres are vital for hundreds of families, providing valuable services for children and parents. Suffolk County Council had to hastily withdraw its paper cutting children’s centres after spotting an ‘error’ in its documents, so we’ve got another month to halt these closures. Thanks to everyone lobbying their MPs, we saved one children’s centre, […]

Children centre staff ‘gagged’ ahead of Cabinet vote, says UNISON

Suffolk children’s centre staff are being ‘gagged’ ahead of a crucial vote on the future of the service, UNISON reveals today. Staff were told in meetings last week not to speak to the public or press about the planned cuts to the service. Suffolk County Council’s cabinet will vote tomorrow on closing 10 centres and […]

Minor changes to Suffolk’s children centre plans won’t stop the damage to families

Minor changes to Suffolk County Council’s shake-up of children’s services won’t stop the huge damage they will cause to families, UNISON warns today. Previous redesign documents outlined cuts at 22 of Suffolk’s remaining 38 children’s centres, with 11 down to close completely. But in Cabinet papers published today, the Council says it will make cuts at 21 […]

Ask your MP to save Suffolk’s children’s centres

Suffolk’s children’s centres are vital for hundreds of families, providing valuable services for children and parents. But the Council wants to cut services at 22 of the remaining 38 centres. Eleven will have their hours cut while the other 11 will shut completely. UNISON Eastern encourages everyone in the county to write to their MP […]

Four-fifths of staff believe Suffolk children’s centre changes will damage services, survey shows

More than four in five children’s centre staff believe that Suffolk County Council’s proposed redesign of services will make things worse for families, a UNISON survey released today shows. The survey of centre staff showed that 83% thought the redesign, which involves cuts at 22 of Suffolk’s remaining 38 children’s centres, would negatively affect services, […]

Suffolk County Council must not rush through children’s centres shake up during global pandemic

Suffolk County Council is rushing through its controversial shake-up of children’s centres without proper public scrutiny under cover of the coronavirus crisis, UNISON warns today. UNISON has written to Mary Evans, cabinet member for children’s services, education and skills, to raise concerns about the decision to continue with plans to cut services at more than half […]

Suffolk’s children’s centres changes are ‘sugar-coating closures’

Suffolk’s shake up of children’s services could turn out to be little more than a ‘sugar-coated closure programme’, UNISON warns today. UNISON, the trade union representing children’s centre staff, raises serious concerns about the plans in its response to the Council’s consultation, which closes at 5pm on Sunday. UNISON’s response is based on a survey […]

Victory! Suffolk County Council sees sense on unpaid leave

UNISON welcomes Suffolk County Council’s decision to abandon its push to make staff take unpaid leave. It comes after 95% of UNISON members rejected the plans in a consultation. UNISON members will now vote on a revised offer implementing the second year of a two-year national pay deal for local government workers and allowing staff […]

Suffolk County Council must ditch unpopular pay cut

Suffolk County Council must abandon its bid to cut staff pay through mandatory unpaid leave, UNISON says today after its members at the Council overwhelmingly voted against the plan. The Council says it will implement the second year of a nationally agreed two-year pay deal, but in return staff must take one day of mandatory unpaid […]

Suffolk County Council ‘pushed onto the back foot’ over unpaid leave plan, says UNISON

Suffolk County Council has been “pushed onto the back foot,” UNISON says today after the Council toned down its plans to cut staff wages by making workers take unpaid leave. The Council – which proposed in November to make staff take two days of unpaid leave for each of the next two years, taking the […]

Suffolk Council plans £11m more misery for residents and staff

Suffolk County Council has announced over £11m worth of new cuts to services for the 2019/20 budget. The news comes in the same week the council told staff it wants to force them to take two days of mandatory unpaid leave for each of the next two years – taking the money out of their […]

Suffolk Council tries to dress cash grab up as a pay rise

Suffolk County Council wants to pick the pockets of its staff and tell them they’re getting a pay rise, UNISON warns today. Suffolk County Council announced today potential changes to terms and conditions to staff contracts, including forcing staff to take two days of unpaid leave for the next two years. The council is currently […]