A group of Black members at Luton Carnival

Black members

Black members in UNISON work to improve equality in the workplace and challenge racism and discrimination.

They have many of the same concerns as other members regarding access to employment, pay, promotion and training. However, racist discrimination can deepen the impact of problems faced in the workplace.

Many UNISON branches support local groups for their Black members or support joint groups with other branches. There is also an Eastern regional group which meets four times a year.

Your branch will pay for your travel costs and lunch is always provided. The group considers how more Black workers can be recruited into UNISON and how more Black UNISON members can become active in their union.

We also look at what the union can do to tackle the causes and effects of discrimination. The meetings are relaxed but informative and well attended.

If you would like to know more about Black members in the Eastern region, please contact Winston Dorsett on 01245 608910 or email Winston Dorsett.

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Anti-Racism Charter

UNISON Eastern’s Black members are the driving force behind our Anti-Racism Charter, a set of pledges designed to help public services wipe out racial discrimination in the workplace and in society.

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