Summer School Mentoring Course 16, 17 August 2017

16 – 17 August 2017

Cambridge Professional Development Centre

This course is crucial to the effectiveness of UNISON.  It is the one course that allows branches to gain knowledge and skills around developing, supporting, sustaining and growing activists.

We all know that we have:-

  • Supported representatives in the workplace:  they are more likely to be active and engaged with their workplace and defend members interests – which is vital with the difficult times we face;
  • Respected confident, and active representatives in the workplace:  we are more able to recruit and get members involved with the Union creating another layer of confident activists to collectively challenge.

We know that at times, we are all fire fighting and we do not always offer the support to our activists.  Once trained they can be left to their own devices and sometimes they are not supported to develop further, or new activists are not spotted to develop in the first instance.  This course looks at simple ways we can embed a system of support and development in our branches to help the potential new representative to the trained activists – keeping them engaged and active in the Union.

Over the 2 days, you will be introduced to a very practical tool kit that has been created to backup branches in developing and supporting our activists.  It looks at buddying and mentoring schemes and it will also support you in developing your skills to be a mentor.

If you need help growing and sustaining activists within your branch – then don’t delay – this course offers you a concrete ways to help you achieve this.