Pay fair for patient care

Many NHS healthcare support workers are being paid at band two for jobs that should be at band three.

UNISON Eastern HCAs are campaigning in trusts across the region to make sure they are rewarded, recognised and respected for the work they do.

What can you do?

  • If you’re a healthcare support worker being paid at band 2 but taking on regular clinical duties, speak to your local UNISON rep. You have the right to have your role reviewed and they can help to kickstart the process.
  • Participate in any rebanding campaign activity that might be taking place in your branch – this could include taking part in the survey, filling out the daily diary and signing the open letter.
  • Ask your healthcare support colleagues to join UNISON. We’re stronger together.
  • Get the support of other colleagues including clinicians – the NHS is one team!

Fair pay for Mid and South Essex HCAs

Healthcare assistants in Mid and South Essex hospitals have successfully convinced the trust that they deserve to be paid at band three. But, despite workers carrying out these extra duties for years, the trust has unilaterally decided to only backdate the rise to April 2022. Other trusts have given at least two years’ backpay when […]

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