South Cambridgeshire Council staff celebrate new recognition deal

South Cambridgeshire District Council staff celebrated a positive step forward with their employer today as new chief executive Liz Watts signed a recognition deal with UNISON.

The Council and UNISON have enjoyed positive relations for a number of years. The new agreement solidifies their partnership, clearly laying out the areas in which UNISON can collectively negotiate and bargain for its members as well as ensuring union officials have time to represent their colleagues and receive relevant training.

Council employees gathered for a lunchtime celebration today (Friday) before the signing with UNISON treating workers to goodie bags.

UNISON branch secretary Liz Brennan said: “This is a huge step forward for both the Council and its employees.

“Our agreement means union reps will have a right and the time to look out for workers at the Council, making things easier for employer and employee alike.

“Already, two new union health and safety reps have carried out an inspection of the offices, making sure everything is safe and proper for staff and visitors.

Council leader Bridget Smith and UNISON branch secretary Liz Brennan

Chief Executive of South Cambridgeshire District Council Liz Watts said: “We’re really pleased to have made a crystal clear commitment to working with UNISON for the benefit of our staff.

“We’re working hard to be a modern and caring Council and, to achieve this, it’s vital our staff are supported and well looked-after.

“Partnerships like this are a key way of doing this. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with UNISON to build on this positive news.”