Suffolk County Council cuts ‘take services past breaking point’

Suffolk County Council has announced plans to make £65 million in spending cuts, including lopping £11m off the staffing budget, it revealed today.

Responding to the news, UNISON Suffolk County branch secretary Neil Bland said: “Councils have spent the last decade slashing spending to the bone, cuts on this scale will take services in Suffolk past breaking point.

“It’s still too early to say exactly where the axe will fall, but cuts on this scale will mean hundreds of job losses.

“This will be a disaster for council workers as well as the people relying on the services they provide.

“Even if the council manages to avoid or minimise compulsory redundancies, remaining staff will have unmanageable levels of extra work piled on them. Communities across Suffolk are sure to feel the hit.

“But cuts are inevitable unless Westminster stops starving local government of desperately needed funds.”