UNISON in schools – what we do and how to get involved

UNISON is the largest union for school support staff and local UNISON branches have been very busy this year, working hard to support members on a wide range of issues in the hundreds of schools, most of which are no longer local authority controlled.  UNISON has been supporting members involved in TUPE transfers, reorganisations as well as individual and group issues, at both local and national level.

The Region also has an ongoing project where, working alongside local UNISON Branches, we aim to visit members in every school to give them the latest information on what is happening both locally and nationally.  Working in a school can be isolating, so a visit from your union can be reassuring and informative.  Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle we face with these visits is organising them as there never seems to be a good time to visit such a busy environment, so if you’d like us to pay your school a visit, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  We can come at any time, perhaps after school, during a lunch hour or even on a teacher training day – all we need is permission from your Head Teacher and a space where we can meet with our members.

UNISON National Schools Sector Committee

Eastern region is looking for a UNISON member who works in a school to represent members on the National Schools’ Sector Committee.

As an Eastern Region representative, your main job will be to help ensure information is shared between the UNISON Schools Reps in the Region and UNISON structures at National Level.

The Committee meets 3 times a year, usually in London and expenses will be reimbursed.  These meetings give you the chance to meet other regional representatives, give feedback on what is happening in this region and also discuss and influence key national issues, so this is a very important role.

Eastern Regional Schools Committee

We are always looking for more UNISON members in schools to come along to our Regional Schools Committee.  We meet approximately 3 times a year, usually in Chelmsford, and discuss what’s happening in our schools across the region.

Allan Linford who works at Tendring Technology College says:-

I attend the Regional Schools Committee as it gives you a view of what UNISON and other schools are having to contend with daily.  We also discuss current issues that affect schools and what action has been taken both locally and nationally.  It is also a chance to discuss a problem and make contacts with colleagues from other schools as well as full time UNISON employees who can give advice”.

For more information contact:

Tracey Sparkes, Regional Schools Lead


07908 142814