“It’s time to remove the pay cap”, regional secretary tells local MP’s

New regional secreatry Chris Jenkinson has wasted no time in calling on MP’s to support UNISON’s demand for an end to the public sector pay cap.

In a letter from Chris and regional convenor Becky Tye they called on MP’s in the region to support lifting the public sector pay cap and to give public sector workers a fair pay rise.

MP’s were told “You simply cannot reduce public sector pay in relative terms indefinitely without devastating consequences for workers in the sector. Especially when, over the same period, pay in the private sector has improved, percentage annual increases are now running at 2.1%, more than twice the rate of public sector increases.

“Even if you are not with us on the moral and political arguments over public sector pay, we would invite you to agree that further depression of public sector pay creates more difficulty in attracting and retaining staff, this applies across all grades in all sectors, including those not covered by pay review bodies, like our members who work in local government.

“Quality public services require high skilled individuals who are motivated and feel valued for the contributions that they make.”

Becky Tye, regional convenor : “We know that the public sector pay cap is not an economic inevitability but a political choice. We now look to the government to recognise the strength of feeling and to appreciate the support we enjoy with the wider public. If there was ever a time to change priorities that time has now arrived.”







Chris Jenkinson, regional secretary: “Public sector workers have been asked to tighten their belts for far too long. The rising costs of living are eating away at their wages and many are worried that they will not be able to pay their bills. It’s time for the government to lift the pay cap and give our members a fair pay rise.”

The government first introduced policies in 2010 to restrict wage growth in the public sector. Since then a two year pay freeze in 2011 and 2012 has been followed by a one percent annual growth cap ever since. The impact has left all workers in the public sector worse off in real terms than they were 7 years ago.

Dave Prentis has announce that there will be a summer of campaigning. The general secretary said “we need a push across the whole union” to break the government’s pay cap policy.

Read in full Chris and Becky’s letter to MP’s