Let your MP know you need a pay rise


Since the election on June 8th the debate over ending austerity has been raging stronger than ever. It’s now important that everyone in our movement keeps the pressure on the government.

The end to the pay cap needs to be the first stage in austerity’s downfall.

Public sector workers like ambulance drivers, nurses and school workers do so much and deserve much more and your MP needs to be told this.

We’ve made emailing your MP simple with our easy to follow advice. It can be done on a mobile phone in as little as ten minutes. So on your next bus or train journey or while you’re having lunch or a cup of tea, do something that can make a real difference.

Let your MP know that you care about the public sector staff that went above and beyond during the terrible events of this summer.

Let your MP know that they need to care as well.

To get started just go to the theyworkforyou website

  1. Go to www.theyworkforyou.com and enter your postcode to find your MP
  2. Select “Send A Message”. You can now write to your MP. Remember to enter your contact details below the message.
  3. Be polite. Abuse will not help our campaign.
  4. Be concise and to the point. It does not need to be a long message but make sure they know why this matters.
  5. Make it clear this is about bringing an end to the 1% public sector pay cap. Staff in the NHS, schools, local government, the fire service and the police are struggling and need a pay rise that’s fair.
  6. Talk about how hard public service staff work and how dedicated they are.
  7. Make it personal. Tell your MP your story and how the pay cap has affected you and your family.
  8. Remember every email your MP receives increases the pressure on them to do something. Get your family and friends to write as well.
  9. Your letter will make a real difference to the campaign for fair pay. The government are under huge pressure having lost their majority, they are being propped up by the DUP and plagued by infighting. Your MP wants your vote and needs to listen to you.
  10. Share your replies. You should expect to receive a response so email us what your MP says and thinks about this issue. We promise confidentiality.