UNISON celebrates becoming the UK’s biggest trade union


UNISON is marking becoming the UK’s biggest union by launching a month of recruitment activity today to reach out to every worker in the country providing public services.

The union has now more than 1.3 million people in its membership who work in education, local government, the NHS, the police service and the energy sector. Members work in both the public and private sectors.

But there are still tens of thousands of public sector workers who aren’t part of a union. During the month of November – renamed Grovember in UNISON – the union’s reps will be working hard to attract new recruits in every town and city across the UK.

Throughout the month UNISON reps will be out and about in workplaces, telling employees all about the benefits of becoming – and staying – part of the UK’s biggest union.

UNISON is also rolling out its new online tool, which will help reps recruit new members using their mobile phones in two quick and easy steps.

More members means the union will be better able to protect public services and the workers who provide them, stop discrimination, and campaign for equal opportunities, as well as better pay and conditions of service, says UNISON.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said: “I’m proud that UNISON is now officially the UK’s biggest union. Despite almost a decade of austerity, which has decimated public service jobs, UNISON is a strong and growing union.

“We’re the union that’s proud to lead the campaign against low pay, that fights privatisation and cuts to public services, and that won a historic legal victory on employment tribunal fees.

“Public service workers know that together, they’re better off in UNISON. That’s why thousands are joining each week.

“Nor is UNISON going rest on its achievements. The union intends to keep on growing, and be bigger, better and bolder in the years ahead. A modern, confident and ambitious union that’s shaping the future of the UK’s workplaces, and its communities.”

UNISON Eastern regional secretary Chris Jenkinson said: “Despite an onslaught on local services from Westminster, UNISON is on the front foot – going out to workplaces and communities to fight for our public services and the people that work in them.

“We’re working hard to win the best deal possible for public-sector workers, including those private-sector workers whose jobs have been privatised, because it means the best deal for all workers – and the best deal for Britain.

“Here in the east of England, as everywhere, strong unions mean better pay and better conditions for workers and better services for the public.

“Our reps will be visiting workplaces all over the region this month, so we’d urge everyone to go up, say hello and join UNISON.”