Trade unions are guided by great feelings of love

As we enter this year’s Heart Unions week, it’s worth paraphrasing Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara: let me say the true trade unionist is guided by great feelings of love.

I’m not sure how much the more cynical of us would agree with Che, but the driving force behind so much we do is some form of love.

I was first motivated to get active by a love of equality. I wanted to challenge the hate of racism in the university where I worked. I found, like so many other have before me, that working together in trade unions was the best way to make change happen.

I realised that UNISON was the best way to promote workplace justice and equality. The best way to stand up for the public services I love, together with 1.3 million others.

Others have got involved with UNISON because they love helping others and can’t bear to see people being treated unfairly or bullied at work.

Some join because they love the opportunities we offer, from financial advice to member education.

And others may love creating safe and happy working environments for their colleagues.

There are so many other reasons to love what we do, our democracy, the vast variety of different jobs and roles we represent, our solidarity with other workers around the globe and more.

With all this love it’s no wonder we’ll be enthusiastically celebrating Heart Unions week here in UNISON Eastern. A number of our branches have special events planned, but the important thing is you use this chance to share your love of UNISON with your colleagues.

So shout about UNISON and why you love being a member. Make sure everyone knows about all we have to offer and sign them up if they’re not in already.