Posing for a photo at an Year of LGBT+ Workers event at Ipswich Borough Council

Pride has come a long way, but this is the year to take it further

Tim Roberts marks Year of LGBT+ Workers in his latest blog

A UNISON band on the march

We’re in a fight for our future in 2024

In a New Year message, regional secretary Tim Roberts says this year could be make or break for public service workers

UNISON members stand around a brazier on the picket line

Bosses are making a killing but the Tories are going after trade unions

Sunak’s plans to attack our fundamental rights while CEOs get a 37% pay rise show the Tories’ priorities, says Tim Roberts in his latest blog

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

Mini budget? Fiscal event? More like a turbo-charged attack on the country

Whatever Kwasi Kwarteng calls his economic plan, it’s an assault on all of us, says Tim Roberts in his latest blog

Trade unions are guided by great feelings of love

As we enter this year’s Heart Unions week, it’s worth paraphrasing Latin American revolutionary Che Guevara: let me say the true trade unionist is guided by great feelings of love. I’m not sure how much the more cynical of us would agree with Che, but the driving force behind so much we do is some […]

New year – same stresses for NHS staff

Health workers have been pushed to the limit by Omicron, but bosses’ solutions won’t work in the long term, warns Tim Roberts

Whatever the challenges of 2022, UNISON will be there for public service workers

A New Year’s blog from regional secretary Tim Roberts

Sam holds a Vote Yes placard

Council and school staff ballot opens with a bang

Regional head of local government Sam Leigh guest blogs as our local government pay ballot opens

NHS pay be counted

Now is our chance to challenge on NHS pay

It’s vital everyone plays in their part in the battle for a real pay rise for health workers, says Tim Roberts

The words Who Cares and a logo of a person and a question mark shaped like a heart

Johnson may have no real social care plan, but we do

Tim Roberts explains how Eastern region care workers are organising in his latest blog

Celebrate Black history and create equality today

The fight for equality runs through everything we do the whole year round, says Tim Roberts

Get ready to green our public services

UNISON won’t shy away from the existential fight to save our planet, says Tim Roberts

Shelves full of library books

Tackling racial discrimination in our universities

They’re supposed to be enlightened institutions of learning, but too often workers and students in universities face racism, says Tim Roberts. Luckily, UNISON is helping to do something about it

People on a demonstration

By standing together we can thaw the government’s pay freeze

Across the public sector, UNISON is fighting the unwelcome return of austerity, says Tim Roberts in his latest blog

A person holds trans and rainbow flags at a Pride march

Trans workers taking on prejudice with UNISON

Trans people still face a lot of discrimination in the workplace, says Tim Roberts in his latest blog. But with unions by their side, we can take on hate