New retired members guide book launched

Copies of the pocket guide spread out on a table

UNISON Eastern’s retired members’ committee is pleased to launch a brand new pocket book to guide public service workers through retirement — and explain why they should stay in UNISON.

The booklet was drawn up by a small working party at the suggestion of UNISON Essex retired members’ secretary John Abrehart and laid out by the regional office, taking inspiration from a similar project in the South East.

Committee chair Andrew Coburn explains: “This guide is intended both for existing retired members and those coming up for or considering retirement.

“It explains what retired members can get from the union and how they can participate, as well as listing various member benefits.

“We look forward to sharing the guidebook with branches soon and we’ve even heard that it may become the template for a national initiative.

“We hope you will find it useful in talking to existing members about staying in UNISON.”

Read the guide