Five questions for Black History Month: Lloyd Ledgister

Next up to take the five questions challenge for Black History Month is Lloyd Ledgister of the regional Black members committee.

Who are you?

My name is Lloyd Ledgister Cambridgeshire Constabulary Branch

Why is Black History Month important to you?

Black history generally is important to me. It’s an opportunity to recognise how Black people have made an impact in particular, here in the United Kingdom and the opportunities my generation now have due to the trailblazers in the past, who fought for equality and justice.

Black History is a reminder and a celebration of achievements of Black individuals, but it’s also a reminder not to be complacent — and for all of us to continue to strive for improvement.

What’s your proudest achievement in UNISON?

I don’t have a specific proud moment, however being a UNISON member has enabled me to develop myself, gain confidence attending various engagements organised by UNISON, which has helped me in my job.

Who’s your inspiration/role model?

My parents are my role models. They are no longer alive, however their values of working hard, looking after your family and being a good person are the values I try to maintain.

Why did you get involved in UNISON?

I joined UNISON in 2005. It has given me an opportunity to meet new people, self-development, and an opportunity to utilise the many benefits UNISON has to offer, such as legal help through Thompsons.