Five questions for Black History Month: Brian Pereira

Brian Pereira

Brian Periera is one of our regional Black members group co-chairs.

He’s the next Black activist to take part in our 5 Questions series this Black History Month.

Who are you?

I’m Brian Pereira. I’m communications officer, chair, Black members officer and Labour Link officer for UNISON Essex Police branch.

Why is Black History Month important to you?

Black History Month is a time to gather stock with the progress we may have made in the challenge for equality and inclusivity with our sisters and brothers throughout the world.

What’s your proudest achievement in UNISON?

Initiating the fair representation on the NEC motion some years ago at a local level to begin with.

Who’s your inspiration/role model?

Cyril James, a writer, a revolutionary, a sportsman, an intellect.

Why did you get involved in UNISON?

I was encouraged to become the Black members officer, which I hope I have grown into and provided a significant contribution to.