Yoga teachers pose strike threat at Colchester Council, warns UNISON

Yoga, aerobics and Pilates instructors at Colchester City Council are voting on strike action after nearly a decade without a pay rise, says UNISON today. The Leisure World instructors are all directly employed by the council but their pay is determined differently to the scales used for other staff at the local authority. UNISON says […]

Colchester’s bins, leisure services and crematoriums could be hit by strikes

Workers in Colchester’s bin depots, leisure centres and crematoriums are voting on strikes over the city council’s refusal to offer a decent pay rise, UNISON warns today. Colchester staff had asked for an above-inflation pay rise to make up for years of wages failing to keep pace with the rising cost of living. But the […]

A group of ID Verde workers and UNISON officials poses outside Colchester City Council

Colchester grounds maintenance staff face jobs cuts

Colchester’s award-winning grounds maintenance staff have been told their jobs are up for the chop as contractor idverde looks to make cuts, UNISON reveals today. The firm told staff this week that it has to cut six posts after Colchester City Council slashed its budget for grass cutting, flower bed and grass verge maintenance. UNISON […]

A group of ID Verde workers and UNISON officials poses outside Colchester City Council

Outsourced staff take fair pay fight to Colchester Council

Outsourced local government workers took their fight for fair pay to Colchester Council this week. Grounds maintenance staff working for contractor ID Verde lobbied a cabinet meeting in the city on Wednesday evening as they battle for a pay rise in line with their directly employed colleagues. UNISON Eastern regional organiser Sam Older told councillors […]

Bins, leisure and crematorium strikes loom as Colchester becomes city

Refuse workers, leisure staff and crematorium employees at Colchester Council could walk out over the borough’s refusal to pass on a nationally agreed local government pay rise in full, warns UNISON today. Workers at the council and Colchester Borough Homes agreed a 2.5-3% local pay rise in February but since then inflation has spiralled and […]