Ipswich Borough Council signs UNISON’s Anti-Racism Charter

Ipswich Borough Council has signed UNISON’s Anti-Racism Charter at an event held at Grafton House this week. The charter commits the council to: Recognising the need and benefit in championing a racially diverse workforce. Challenging racism internally and externally wherever it arises in relation to the organisation. Recognising the impact of racism upon staff members’ […]

Cuts to grass cutting will leave Ipswich looking scruffy, warns UNISON

Planned cuts at the parks department will leave Ipswich unkempt and untidy, UNISON warns today. Ipswich Borough Council wants to chop a fifth of the workforce in the parks department, leaving grass verges unmown and parks unmaintained, says UNISON. It comes despite the public’s increasing reliance on parks and other outdoor spaces for exercise and […]

Run to rebuild – our key workers need a voice that matters

Over the past few months it’s become increasingly obvious that key workers are absolutely essential in keeping the country running. But the way they’re treated shows how little they’re involved in actually running the country. Trade unions were founded to give working people a greater say in their working lives. And unions founded the Labour […]

Don’t tell the public Ipswich is closed for business

Closing Ipswich’s Tourist Information Centre would send the message that the town is “closed for business,” UNISON warns today. Ipswich Borough Council’s executive will consider a report tomorrow, giving the chief operating officer permission to close the centre, and lay off six workers, after a consultation. The Council is facing a £10m deficit because of […]

Keeping up appearances – the public service champion looking after Ipswich’s green spaces

For millions of us, the coronavirus has turned life and work upside down. But many key workers are keeping going as normal, keeping the country ticking over while most of us stay indoors. Adrian Gale is one of the army of local service workers keeping the job up as normal — albeit at a bit more of a distance to usual. He’s spent the […]