Activists join Labour’s New Deal for Working People campaign weekend

UNISON Eastern members pounded pavements across the region at the weekend to garner support for Labour’s New Deal for Working People ahead of the general election.

Activists turned out for Unions Together-organised events in the east of England, including, Watford, Peterborough, Great Yarmouth, Welwyn and Hatfield and Ipswich.

On Saturday, members of UNISON and shopworkers’ union USDAW joined Labour’s Watford candidate Matt Turmaine for two sessions to talk to local residents about the new deal.

UNISON members in Watford to garner support for Labour's New Deal for Working People.

Matt, a longstanding UNISON member and the Herts County Labour Link officer, said: “It was great to be able to talk to residents of Watford about Labour’s deal for working people with the support from the trade union movement.

“To make these changes Labour needs to form the next government and from what we were hearing today many voters want to see this change.”

On Sunday, an even larger group including UNISON member Anna Smith (pictured at top), who is standing for the Cambridgeshire police and crime commissioner, met in Peterborough for another morning and afternoon session canvassing for the deal.

A large group of canvassers gather for a photo outside a Peterborough community centre before hitting the streets.

UNISON Eastern regional secretary Tim Roberts and local parliamentary hopeful Andrew Pakes gave positive and rallying speeches to the volunteer door-knockers before everyone went to chat to voters.

Peterborough Councillor Sam Hemraj, a member of UNISON Eastern’s Labour Link committee, said: “It was good to see a number of UNISON and Labour volunteers working in partnership talking about issues that relate to so many: working for a good employer and having employment that pays.

“Lots of residents listened to us and were very much telling us it is time for change in Peterborough and in the country.”

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